The Shepherd's Wife: For Amy

Today is my wife's 33rd Birthday. She was 21 when we started dating, and the time really does fly. In fact, the one problem with growing old with the person you love is how quick it happens.

So for her birthday this year I wanted to do something special and totally out of character - I wrote a poem! It's not great, I know, but it does express my love for her in the middle of the tension of a pastor's home. Enjoy.

I leave her to go and pray. I leave but I know she will stay.

I leave  to rise and preach. I leave her just out of reach.

I leave to be with the broken.  See her there! Faith's true token.

I leave to tend the mourner's bench. She has not moved a single inch.

I leave to be with another Bride! The chosen for whom Christ has died.

I leave her with just a vow. The covenant lasts. Somehow.

I leave her when they force me out. "Was it me?" She often doubts.

I leave her alone with threatening fears. Jesus keeps all her tears.

Again, I leave to hold the wounded hands. "As one!" Say our wedding bands.

I leave her there to cook and clean. She gives all though life is lean.

I leave and she never will mind. Virtue. Who can find?

I leave her to bear a cross. All is paid, nothing lost.

I leave her, but not alone. A faithful Groom though I am gone.

 I leave them and come back to her. Sweet love. If not here, where?

I leave her when it is time to die.  "She will be nearer the throne than I."

She leaves me on the golden streets. She sits in a much higher seat.

She leaves me to take a crown. I watch her lay it down.

She leaves me forgetting pain. The shepherd's wife has great gain.

She leaves to sit at His feet. Singing now with anthems sweet,

"There was no burden that you didn't bare it. There was no sorrow that you didn't share it."

"Though this life I didn't deserve, I am one with the Bride he served."

"There was no loss, only gain. I can't remember any pain."

"It was worth it all along. Because you never left me all alone."